Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's a dog to do?

The ever faithful Rolo dog deserves a special mention from time to time.

Yesterday as I returned from yet another quilt related outing who was it greeted me first at the back door? Why Rolo of course as it was very necessary to give me the entire sniff over to see what enticing odors had stuck to me while I was out and about. He watched while I dragged my bags inside and as I parked my sewing machine ready to take upstairs he flopped down beside it with a resigned look on his face. Perhaps he was going to guard this bag to make sure it stayed home tomorrow!

Around the middle of the day today Geoff noticed that someone had left open the closet door where Rolo's dog food is stored and that it had been like that for several hours. But the ever faithful Rolo had not taken advantage of that open door and decided to snack away. Not our Rolo.

Despite the fact that his food and water bowls are very close to where his food is stored he had not helped himself.

Here's a shot of him when he was excited to think that he might be going somewhere:

What a great dog he is. He will be ten years old on April 25.


  1. Rolo, you should tell Mom when you want to sit in the front seat, so she can put in the brown cover. Now she's got to clean out that seat of dog hair. Good thing you didn't have coffee with you at the time, or she'd have had quite a fit.

  2. You wouldn't find an open closet with bagged cat food in it undisturbed in our house - and Moki doesn't need any assistance getting inside a sealed bag. Rolo shares one thing with her though - his tall dark and handsome good looks are not easy to capture in photographs.


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