Monday, November 30, 2015

Color Me November 30

Today sees the conclusion of my Color Me November  journey. I won't call it a monologue because there has been some feedback and I have appreciated the comments. If my public demands it I will  come up with a follow-on theme for December.

In the meantime what do I have for you today you might wonder. My initial thought was a reprise of the first November post. When you look back that was about the glorious color in my neck of the woods. Yesterday and today have been rain, rain and rain so, combined with the mostly lack lustre color in the woods now, coming up with this post has been a challenge. Above is a similar shot to the opening one in early November.

The under-story foliage  in the woods in the backyard is the last holdout to change color and drop it's leaves.
 Those big brown leaves are still drawing my eye.
 The view from above of the opening shot. Lots of bare branches to partially obscure the view.
 For some reason this shot reminds me of a Christmas Pudding!
 Yesterday, number 2 son was on duty at the Christmas Tree sale lot at our church.  I had requested the trimmings from the base of the trunk hoping I could do something creative with them.
Ordinarily we do not have a live/real tree but this year we decided to try one. Our plan is to install the tree on the front porch so it is not exposed to the drying out that happens inside the house because of the central heating. But, oh my, look at the color of the needles already!  Now I apologize if you are wondering why I would even include this photo (above) but I like the range of color of the individual needles. The "pickle van" was covered in needles after the short journey home.
 Yep, that is the tree in the background while I try for  a nature "still life" in the foreground.
 Just indulge me, one more close up. This setup was created on a chair set in the open doorway out to the back deck. I had to close the doors to the rest of the house and don my coat to do this inside shot!
 Meanwhile back in the rear garden it is clear Fall is on the way out. Or is it? Those under-story bushes are still green although I do know they will change color and lose all the leaves.
To close out I'm showing you the thought bubbles coming from the Christmas cake as it came out of the oven last night. It's thinking, hey, you weren't meant to strip off all my protective parchment paper. About ten minutes after this photo we discovered that in selecting what size pan to bake the fruit cake in we neglected to take into account the size of storage tin we had to keep it in while it matures. We also discovered that when you bake the cake at night it isn't cool enough to wrap before bedtime. sigh. But that might be an entire new story...

I hope you'll come back to see what December might bring to my blog.


  1. While out and about earlier in the day I found myself thinking "so sad, end of November, can't count on pretty photos on Dorry's blog every second day." And now there's good news - maybe she'll keep it up. Perhaps not at same pace, but I can hope! I love your photo of the tree-needle confetti! I assume your wood disk-props were from the tree lot - great idea because they are the perfect background to the holly and pine cones in their respective photos.

  2. How fun, Dorrie! I enjoy your sense of humour and your photos as well. I am envious of the wood "discs" your son gave you from the Christmas tree lot ... and I think your Christmas cake will taste delicious no matter it's shape. Thank you so much for following and cheering me on during November - it truly meant a lot to me! I look forward to seeing what December brings.

  3. Love the photos of the back yard but that "face" on the tree does kinda give me the creeps. Yay a real tree - good oh. How will you keep decorations on it if it's outside ???


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