Monday, November 2, 2015

Fabulous Fall Colors in my Neck of the Woods

The colors have been magnificent this fall season and it has been really difficult trying to choose just a few photos to post here.

Let's try and narrow the choices to ones from my back yard and a handful from the village I have called my hometown now for 15 fall seasons.

In no particular order here...
 Autumn confetti in the back yard.

 Playing with seasonal color.

Crepe myrtle foliage on Wednesday...

 Crepe myrtle closeup on Thursday. I suspect a very similar one appeared here last year as I am captivated by the way these leaves color themselves for the season.

Crepe myrtle on Friday. I am focusing on this tree because I might have to make a difficult decision to either take it out or have it pruned fairly harshly. It is a beautiful specimen but I fear it is getting too big for where it is planted at the end of the deck. This is shading the deck to the extent I am getting green patches on the deck flooring and the branches are overhanging the roof in a way that makes the landscape guys and the pest guy tsk tsk.

 I love watching the early sun begin to light up the trees across the road. And on this morning the moon was hanging around to admire the view also.

 The library parking lot has a variety of tree colors.

 These wonderful foliage colors were a real showstopper in the library driveway.

 The color contrast between this tree and the quilt shop are an amazing advertisement for the wonderful array of fabrics inside.
Every time I drive up to the village I pass this pond, on private property, on a bad corner with very little area to pull over or stand to enjoy while photographing. But on this day I couldn't resist. It was necessary to dodge traffic and I felt a little uneasy about spending too long in finding the perfect location. But I was pretty happy with this shot. The next day I passed by and there were ducks and swans swimming on the pond which would surely have added a beautiful foreground to a photo but I decided to keep driving. Oh well.

 Here in an overlooked portion of the front garden these chrysanthemums are turning on quite a show. The location, under the ornamental plum tree and behind a boxwood border, keep this area somewhat hidden. That is why I use the spot to poke in plants I want to get rid of from elsewhere in the  garden but yet feel like they need one last chance. It is not perhaps a color combination I would have consciously chosen but, gee, they do look really good in this peak of bloom don't you think?

I was upstairs and in the midst of looking to photograph the treetops in their fine fall foliage when I spotted this plane flying overhead.

To close out the post I thought flying south for the season might be a reasonable way to finish up.

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  1. Fabulous fall colors! Thanks so much for sharing your neighborhood with me. Good luck with your decision on the tree. I always have a tough time taking out a tree, but sometimes the tough things need to be done. Enjoy the rest of your Fall season. Cheers!


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