Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Color Me November 10

Today has been a test of both my patience and my creativity. November 10 has been a grey, gloomy and rainy day preceded by one that was grey, gloomy, dry and uninspiring.

What to come up with for today?

 This little white pumpkin and I have had a lot of fun in the last several weeks.  With the greyness of the day I felt I needed to find interesting texture to add to images. But yet the dribble of rain meant I really needed to shoot from the doorway. No, I won't melt in a little rain but I'm pretty sure my camera is not as tolerant.
 At first I tried this setup but the light and colors were not giving me much joy.
 From two floors up this hosta is past it's best.
 The rose, ditto. Past its best. But yet it fit the mood of the day.

The day long rain washed colors clean and left good puddles for reflection.

Here's hoping for a day with more light and inspiration tomorrow.

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  1. I think some of these are definitely inspired - the drying rose and the white pumpkin on the wet deck are striking images. The others too.


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