Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Color Me November 24

For today I have chosen to focus on the "color" white. Theoretically that is maybe the absence of color but humor me and see where I venture with this.

 To open this series I show you Ben, Kim's wonderful companion in Rivers, Manitoba. He is such a patient fellow and oh so willing to pose for the camera.
 The texture on this old grain elevator was too good for me to miss even though it was a misty rainy day.
 But inside, all was one lovely potential after another with all that white as the backdrop.
 Swan Lake.
 Floral Serenade.
Pink Poses.
 The eggs are collected. I believe those hens are good layers.
 Feathered Friends.
 Can you tell I liked this chair?
 Three White Pumpkins.
 Popcorn Plants.
Halt! Who Goes There?

As you have likely guessed we jumped all over the map and the calendar today. The photos are seemingly in random order. My thought for this post was to share some photos I just liked that had in common...white.

Hope you enjoyed this and maybe, if I'm really, really lucky, you'll let me know your favorite.


  1. All the photos have their qualities, but I was struck by the white grain elevator - perhaps because it's an unlikely subject compared to the rest of your work? The chair in the white room is outstanding though.The boot-prints are a puzzle - my mind is telling me they should be impressions, yet, the photo looks like they are raised - so it looks like someone buried in the snow with only the bottoms of the boots showing.

  2. It is so tough to choose ... You said that having multiple favorites is not right ... So Ben is it. What's yours?


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