Thursday, November 26, 2015

Color Me November 26

This day, being Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, is colored by the turkey. I'm choosing to honor the bird by making today's post about ... feathers!

 I'm gonna stick my neck out and say this is all about me!
Turkey feathers foraged at Kidwell Farm in Frying Pan Park.
 Hedwig stopped by...
 Someone has a good collection of chicken related items.
 Why yes, we are stepping out together down here on Hidden Springs Farm.
 Which does come first then?
The guinea hens were roosting high up but with a little foraging I was able to collect some feathers. More treasure gleaned from Hidden Springs Farm.
 Hedwig again.  She and I had fun one morning this week.
Yes, I was keeping my eye on things. I still think I am the star of the day but the supporting cast has been more numerous than I expected.

I'm giving thanks today for good friends; the ones who share their Thanksgiving dinner with us, the one who lent me props from her chicken collection, the one who gave me the chance for free range roaming on her farm and for all my friends who are reading this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Glad to see the props went to good use but even happier to have your friendship. Those are great looking chickens from Hidden Springs Farm.

  2. So when I first looked at this post I didn't note that there were two farms involved - so I'm guessing the turkey was at Kidwell, so she doesn't actually know the chickens she shared the spotlight with here. I love the juxtaposition of the photo of the two hens in the yard, and the rooster standing guard over the egg on the table. When I read "someone" has a good collection of chicken related items, I immediately thought of Kerry - but you wouldn't have been photographing her collection for this Thanksgiving. And who has the Hedwig to model for you? In any case, the whole photo-exhibition brings a big smile to this reader.


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