Thursday, November 12, 2015

Color Me November 12

Meanwhile, back in the regularly scheduled program of posting every even numbered day in November, I note that two weeks from today it will be Thanksgiving. This suggests that my topic for today can be food: the plates it appears on, the process of getting it to the plates, raw material and random kitchen shots.

 Let us begin with a calming and peaceful image. Today I am mixing dates - some from today and some from much earlier when I was in Canada in September (there were earlier posts from this period). This scene gives me a feeling of serenity; always a good thought to begin the day on Thanksgiving if you are hosting the big feast!
 How about some pancakes and fruit to begin the day?
 Now let us work on the table setting. Squash is an obvious focal point.
 Let's assemble the ingredients. Ben, the wonder dog, wants to see what is going on but he proves himself to be totally reliable around food.
 Shall we lay out the beautiful spoons we might use? These beauties are handcrafted by Luke Hope. You can see more of his work at

 A delicious fresh green salad always goes down a treat and makes us feel we have compensated for the rich food to come.
 A simple table setting perhaps?
 We might finish with chocolates and a cognac.
However satisfying and delicious the Thanksgiving dinner might be at the end of the day someone has to do the final duty of cleaning up in the kitchen. How much more pleasant is that task if there is a calming and beautiful surrounding to work in.

Time to start making the lists: guests to invite, recipes to use, dishes to serve the meal on, staging the event, shopping list, setting the table...making magical memories to store up for the years ahead.

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  1. A striking set of images setting the stage for the holiday to come.


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