Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Color Me November 18

Okay folks, we're back to color. But quite what the color in common is I will leave up to you to comment on.

 Yesterday morning I looked out the window and wondered what that large pale leaf was on the branch out back - it was first thing in the morning and I didn't have my glasses on yet. Oh my, look at that hawk. I bet it won't wait until I get the camera, open the window, set up the shot...well yes, that bird was waiting for it's Hollywood moment it seems. It posed looking to the left, to the right, looking down...But still I wonder quite what it is. Please let me know if you can identify my backyard visitor.
 The last leaves in my back yard are being closely watched (see the above photo - it was the leaves I was looking for and not the bird!). There is color there yet.
 Recognizing there are only so many ways I can show you the back yard I wanted to find a different perspective for "18" so I headed on down to the river. Falls colors are rapidly disappearing. However, the last lingering ones shout out their appearance. Do you see the birds? (click to enlarge) Birds have kept appearing these past couple of days.
 I liked the appeal of this shed down by the water's edge. But, yes, you might be saying what is that reflection? That's the vastly oversized house built higher up the riverbank and looking oh so jarring to the landscape that I felt compelled to crop it out.
 Look down, look down, there might be unexpected treasure there for the eye. These leaves, both floating and sunk, along with the reflection of the tree branch captured my attention.
 Now I don't know what species they are but these trees on the other side of the river always captivate me with their white skeleton. Not much color left there I know but still I can still find interest. This morning there was quite the cacophony of bird sound.
 Found objects can be put to good use. But I doubt this picnic table or the paddle will see much action in the upcoming months.
 Yep, still color to be found if you look closely.
 Nature can arrange the "still life" set up with far greater impact than can I.
 Showing respect for Paris with the flag. Showing respect for the season with the final bursts of color.
 Okay, let's play first to identify these berries. I had another closer shot but I liked this one with the interesting background of both the tree trunk and the one still-yellow maple tree.
 I know, you may be wondering why I am including this photo. It's here because of the mystery of that shed right there in the clearing. Why is it up on stilts like that? What is it used for? Was it designed to look so good in it's surroundings? Can you answer any of these questions?

And to close

Rest in Peace

Jonah Lomu 1975 - 2015

A NewZealand Legend

He colored the game of rugby and burnished it to a fine shine with his positive attitude.


  1. Those I don't think the meadow will flood. Too high up from the river. But on closer inspection you will notice the slats on the shed are spaced. So my thougtht is the stilts add to keeping the air circulating. Whatever in the shed would not mildew.

  2. I think you were looking for Green - a beautiful touch here and there in the dominating browns and grays.


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