Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trees of December 2

Alright, new month, new topic.  I guess I was already previewing this in the last November post when I alluded to the arrival of a "live" Christmas tree although at the time I wasn't really thinking it would turn into a series.

For the time being the cut tree is on the back deck. It's been raining ever since we got it home so it is staying well watered!  This morning there was a heavy mist that hung around for quite a while and I liked the variety of green foliage all freshly washed and somewhat misted over in the background.

Out front, where I can see further the mist appeared more secretive and moody.

I like to think of these as natures string of tree lights, albeit left over from the November season. But they still light up the woods.
You know I can't resist still watching this color progression. With all the rain it is washed fresh and clean and sparkling still.

To close we are looking at the very top of the Christmas tree still dressed in only natural colors. Tonight we went out to the big orange box store to purchase lights suitable for outdoor use. Now inside we have always had plain white lights because I think they don't distract from the balance of the decorations. To be honest, the past several years I'm not even sure if we have put the lights on the tree since my unpaid helpers have rebelled at the task. But for the outside tree I "allowed" number 2 son to choose the lights (gee, he paid for them too!) and he very disdainfully gave thumbs down to the white lights  that I think look tasteful and he thinks look boring. We'll have colored ones. But at least they won't flash on and off. 

When I was sifting through my options for a December theme I fixed on featuring trees right away. At first I was going to call the posts "Ode to the Lorax" after a beloved Dr Seuss character. However, the more I thought about it and looked at quotes the more it did not seem quite right because the Lorax decries the cutting down of trees. December is the month of the traditional cut evergreen to celebrate Christmas so I'll just have to hope the Lorax does not find me.

Let's hear it for the Trees of December - both the trees cut to beautify a home for the season and the ones still outside in the woods delighting tree lovers for all seasons.

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  1. I don't know the Lorax, but our modern Christmas trees are grown and harvested like food - we just decorate and admire them for a while instead of feasting on them for a few minutes. It's a huge industry in this part of the world anyway. I love the photo with the mostly bare trees and the green and chartreuse understory. I was enjoying our proliferation of beech trees glowing in the rain yesterday - splitting the lot next door preserved the best of them.


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