Monday, November 16, 2015

Color Me November 16

For today it might be more correct to say "savor me November" rather than color. That said, this could perhaps be a p.s. to the brown post of day 14 being that the color here is a pale to golden brown dough!

My number 2 son (I used # previously to indicate the word number but I don't want you to think I am making my son into a hashtag - okay, back to the original storyline) decided to bake something new yesterday. When I left to go shopping he was trying to hunt down cardamom in the pantry although we were pretty sure it was no longer there. When I arrived back home the kitchen counter was covered in flour and he was energetically kneading dough.

I wasn't here to begin with but let's pick up the story and see how he got on:

The ingredients were gathered, as you can see above.  Dough was mixed and then set to rise for an hour. I came home in time to see the next step...
 The dough was kneaded thoroughly and divided into six equal portions. Each portion was pulled into a rope shape and then, using three dough ropes, braided to make a loaf. Repeat.
Brush the egg white glaze on. Now put to rise once more. Into the oven it goes (too fast for a good photo - he didn't want to let too much heat escape from the oven while the bread "posed").

 Once out of the oven the testing stick came out clean so there was satisfaction that the cooking process was complete. On to the final steps.
 Mix the glare to a pouring consistency. H'mm, how thin is thin enough? Maybe this was too thin because there were initially lots of very thins drizzles happening. No worries, it will still taste good, especially once the almond slivers have been added.

 Here's the 'ta dah!" moment.
 Later on we go in for the real test; cut a slice and give it a taste. Yay, it passed and got the two thumbs up from each tester.
And that is the story of making cardamom bread. Delicious!

p.s. Cardamom was not found in our pantry but was in the vast ingredient collection of our good foodie neighbor. Thanks so much for that!


  1. No, this was not much about color, it was about making your reader hungry for home-made bread!

  2. Yes I agree Cheryl - the bread makes me want to jump into the picture and scoff it all down. Great work Geoff.


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