Saturday, November 14, 2015

Color Me November 14

For my post today I decided to focus on one particular color; brown.

Brown and I don't have a great history together as I am just not attracted to that color family. However, recently it has been making inroads into my psyche and that's a sign it needs a chance to shine.

 This first photograph is a small attempt on my part to pause a moment and think about the terrorist attacks yesterday in Paris, remember the innocent victims and reflect on what those attacks mean for the vast majority of us in this world who want only peace.
 Looking for the brown still on the trees...
There was a strong wind today but such a welcome bright blue sky to really show off the golden brown colors.
Brown; h'mm it is there as the background as well as inside the wrapper.
 More brown as a way to showcase the other colors.
Having fun with brown leaves in an idle moment.
Hindsight is a glorious teacher. I should have gone much closer and focussed on those brown barn doors that had been so effectively but simply decorated.  This was at the Chartreuse & Co holiday barn sale I went to last Saturday in Buckeystown. But I got there with only ninety minutes before closing and many buildings to look through for treasures. As I headed back to the car at closing time I realized I had forgotten to take photos so dashed back.
 I had started to leave but then decided I really liked this scene with all those leaves on the ground and the appealing textures on the old farmhouse and storage barn.
 Little brown cup and saucer.  The glass of cognac was the prop from a couple of days back.
 I was starting to take down my set-up, unhappy with the way it had turned out. Then I noticed the interesting reflections in the window as well as the brown seedheads outside and thought it might be worth salvaging. What do you think?
Trying for the brown shots still... Maybe I better explain the brown roses!  I had three pink roses in a vase for a few weeks and they have slowly turned this rather fetching color. Oftentimes when the roses are past their peak in the vase the heads will droop and it is an obvious sign it is time for them to retire to the compost heap. But now and then this magic happens and I wanted to take advantage of it.
One last shot to close out my brown themed post.

Oh, I keep forgetting to add that if you want to see the photo bigger then just click on it.

Do you want to suggest my next color theme? This is after all meant as a series titled "Color Me November" and I feel it has a lot of scope still waiting to be explored in addition to color.

Brown; not so bad after all.


  1. I remember the white pumpkins from previous posts, but have no memory of the glass with cognac. Perhaps your pumpkin shots are just better? I would not know how to judge. Meanwhile, I am very impressed with the globe and faded roses shot. The ghostly reflection of the vase and cup is an interesting effect. And the deep blue behind the tree branches makes a beautiful photo. I think at least one of those Mr. Goodbars should have been out of the wrapper?? (proving that someone might be about ready to bite in....)

  2. Having just come back from final cleaning at Ngaroto road - there is no brown except for dirt & dust (with plenty of that) Oh sorry, I did move brown railway sleepers. But made a last pick of flowers from my garden-Dorry how about "port wine" as I picked a glorious rose of that colour from my garden (no longer)


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