Saturday, November 28, 2015

Color Me November 28

As we get closer to the end of November the days begin to be colored by the foods of the season. Let's check out what's been happening in the kitchen.

 We were charged with bringing the vegetables and the dessert for the Thanksgiving meal. Since everyone always really fills up on turkey with all the trimmings it was thought that the dessert needed to be something small - a mouthful or two. There was still some pastry available from the big baking day last weekend as well as a little remaining pumpkin pie filling mixed and ready. I decided to make tartlets. Pastry was rolled out and cut to fit the pan to make these jam tarts, above, all ready to go in the oven.
The individual pumpkin pies gave the perfect bragging opportunity "how much pie did you have? I ate two entire pies!"
Back in September when I went to the photo workshop we spoke several times about "top down" shots. Apparently it is difficult to do properly so it needs practice. I kept practicing and it is only now as I relook at those photos that I realize I never did taste one of these rosemary shortbreads much less ask Barb for the recipe.
 So Barb, if you're reading this I'd really love the recipe. You were very kind and patient in demonstrating how to do the setups - as shown above - and I know you are equally talented in the kitchen.
 Getting back to current times...Friday is always good for turkey leftovers. I'd suggested "bubble and squeak" for the potato but it turns out the cook on duty on Friday didn't actually know the "recipe" for bubble and squeak. The salad, with dried cranberries and toasted pecans, is something I was really looking forward to repeating.
In September "we" had a sample session of making macarons. Could these be suitable for making as part of a Christmas cookie tray?
H'mm, they did have a little red food coloring added to make them pink but maybe a little more was needed.  They were delicious  although I am aggrieved to recall that I neglected to photograph them once they were filled with the buttercream and posing prettily on a plate.
This year number 2 son has decided it is time to make a Christmas Cake aka the fruit cake that is still loved in many other parts of the world, specifically the Commonwealth countries. The fruit has been sourced, cut up and doused with the appropriate liquid and ready to use in the next step.

But that may be a story for December...


  1. Fruitcake is a favorite not just other in foreign parts. My mom loved the fruit bars (which were just tasty fruitcake bites) she made every year at Christmas cookie baking time. We now send my Dad a pound of Southern Supreme fruitcake - made here in North Carolina - every year. He loves the stuff and it seems other people do too - it's a big bakery.
    Mouth-watering collection of photos - but I think the first one is especially eye catching with the color and contrast. I also seem drawn to your 6th and 7th photos featuring the hand model (Number Two Son?) I assume - I think the action brings vibrancy to the scene.

  2. Jeepers the "baking cook" is surpassing the other known cooks in the family - well maybe not Wendy as she is prettty whizz bang in the baking department as well as cooking in general. All looks very good Geoff, especially the macarons - these are not something I have attempted tho Jennifer has made them several times


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