Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Color Me November 4

The art group I belong to hosts a virtual gallery each month and the prompt for November was "Color Me November". I spent ages out and about trying to come up with a variety of images that might fit. But as submission day was November 1 they were always going to be a little premature to exactly fit the prompt.

Then I was reading a friend's blog and discovered that there is an effort out there among bloggers to create a new post every day in November. H'mm, that sounds very ambitious for me. But what about if I made my own rules? I will try to combine "Color Me November" and post every second day. I'll use a combination of photos taken that very day and some from my files that I want to share.

Sounds like a plan.
The first Tuesday here in the USA is election day. Right at sunset yesterday I was frantically trying to set up a quick vignette to illustrate that point.
Yes, I did vote. Remember those glorious photos of the crepe myrtle tree a couple of days back? Those leaves are falling fast.
 It's a beautiful sunny day here and my #1 son has decided it is perfect weather for raking up the leaves - perfect or not he and I are doing this every second day right now.
 The turtle has voted to head for warmer climes.
 Did I share this one already? I had fun setting it up during a lull in proceedings on Studio Tour weekend.
One last shot is this vignette I have arranged for the kitchen table.

Getting back to the first photo; I call that "Squirrel Nutkin was Here". I kept finding little piles of the leavings of acorns that the squirrels had feasted on. Those big acorns would be wonderful photo props I thought but sadly, the squirrels did not let me in on the secret of where to find the really big ones. Interestingly I have noticed that this Fall we seem to have way fewer black walnuts around the yard than usual (they stain whatever they land on and I can never get them open although the squirrels sure can!) but way more acorns. This likely tells us something about the coming winter. But what?

You can find the virtual gallery by going to

Okay, that's two for November.


  1. Just trying to catch up -- what fun to read your back-to-back photo essays for November - and to find such a contrast between the first and this one in terms of content. A feast for the eyes - and the voting turtle made me smile.

  2. Good for you taking on the blogging challenge and making it your own. It's getting colder here as well, so I'm with your turtle, voting for warming climates!


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