Friday, November 20, 2015

Color Me November 20

Blue Friday. Yep, that's my story for today. I'll leave it up to you to judge whether I'm feeling blue or celebrating blue.

 Before I could get too far into this I needed to have my elevenses along with a good read of the daily newspaper.
The sun was glorious today but alas, I lingered too long over my elevenses and there wasn't too much time to play with the wonderful effects of the sun shining through the koru curl. But the biggest pukeko was there to check it out.
 I was pondering what other blue setups I could arrange when the phone rang. It was my dear neighbor who wanted to alert me to the sight of the red maple at the edge of her deck. "It's at it's peak" she declared. And yes, you must agree. Now, many weeks ago I was looking for red leaves and berries which is why she phoned me this morning. There was no way she could know that today I was seeking blue. But hey, nature helps out and has provided me with this wonderful blue backdrop. It's all good.
 Once done with the morning photo ops it was time for the planned afternoon outing - "Three Days with the Artists" an annual event in our small village generously hosted by Laura Nichols (Pig Pen Pottery) in her home at Hidden Springs Farm.
I came home with these wonderful pieces made by Laura; a brie baker and knife, plate and small pitcher. The crystal cruet is perhaps not quite the right rustic accompaniment to the pottery but, gee, it's what you get to see. A couple of hours later when number 2 son arrived home he was walking through the dining room when I heard him exclaim "hey, I really like these" and yes, it was this collection. It's too bad I wasn't able to find a mug with the heron on it because I would have brought that home with me for sure. Maybe that's an excuse to return tomorrow.
 After visiting the artists inside Laura's fascinating house number 1 son and I took a stroll around the outside area where there are any number of really interesting  photo opportunities. Most of them will be saved for another day. The blue sky one above is totally appropriate for today however.
 We got home in time for my four o'clock cuppa - and the last scone. The tea was getting cold as I moved it from place to place to get "just the right shot" so I kept having a quick slurp which means the mug looks empty. But it did begin full.
And I will close out with another shot of the sun streaming through the koru curl glass sculpture.

Did you enjoy my blue day?

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  1. Don't know how you were feeling, but you sure did a fine job celebrating blue! Right-neighborly to get a phone call saying "Bring your camera - today's the day!" from one who has a tree looking like that!


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