Friday, December 18, 2015

Trees of December 18

The past week or so has been unseasonably warm but today saw a return to more normal temperatures for December. The result was that I was much less keen to be out and about with my camera in the cold wind.

For December 18 I am focussing on trees in December in a small town.

This squirrel  was having fun despite the cooler day. No time to pose, thank you very much. By the time I lined up the camera for a second shot the squirrel was halfway up the back (unseen) side of the tree.

Our village center has a green with a lovely gazebo which has been decorated for the holidays. At first I was disappointed when I saw my photo as I wondered why I didn't realize how the gazebo blended into the building behind it. But on second glance I really liked how well the two match each other. The bare trees looming in the rear distance match the look but then there are the bright creams of the tall grasses on the left.

The next stop on my afternoon errand trip was in Herndon, another small town. They have their tree beautifully decorated for both day and night viewing and located in front of the old Town Hall.

There is a better chance to see the locale here. I did not notice until I was walking around later that they had some cameras set up for filming something in front of the building (look between the flagpole with the Stars and Stripes and the pedestrian). I did not actually see who they were going to film but someone was always there watching over the cameras in the stiff cold breeze.

Looking to the right side of the tree and we can see the old train stop. In the right distance there is a glimpse of the roof line of the new town hall complex.

Same tree for one last shot. My purpose in showing these is as a contrast to the "trees in the city" post of a few days ago. Old Town Herndon does not have the multi story buildings that Reston does but there is a certain charm to the variety of architectural styles to be seen.

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  1. We lived in Reston but our back yard was on the border with Herndon and we spent a lot more time with businesses in Herndon than we did Reston - and we especially like the train depot and museum so that was a very sweet photo!! And does not seem so foreign to my current life.


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