Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trees of December 30

So here we are, still with hopefully a few readers, at the last in the Trees of December posts.  There's not a lot here today but throughout the month I have taken a lot of photos to practice with.

The basis of choosing trees as the topic for the month was because of Christmas and the part that trees play in that celebration. The reason for the season is not forgotten.

Again today I was not best enthused by the weather to get outside. But I did spend an hour or so setting up a few still lifes. That little pot with character was gifted to me with a lovely small African Violet in it by my mother-in-law.  Once the plant grew bigger I needed to repot it but I carefully set aside the pot because, even empty, it looked interesting.

I changed the ribbon on my little Charlie Brown tree to give it another chance to shine. It was such a fun afternoon spent creating that tree.

Another try at a still life.

This was one of those "click the shutter quickly or they will disappear" shots. Apologies for the technical faults but I thought the subject matter should make up for it. No trees in it I know but number two son was very enthusiastic about making this the closeout shot for my Trees of December feature.

Will you come back in January?  I have a new topic planned but will likely drop back on the frequency of posts. They do say that we might actually be getting more winter like weather soon and the short, cold, dreary days are much less welcoming to be out and about in with my camera. But I am willing to give it a go if you are inclined to come back and see what's here.

Do we have a deal?

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  1. I read them all while we were away (just got back about two hours ago) - but commenting via the tablet was more than I was going to keep up with.

    Your last shot is definitely not of the "trees" category but you've definitely got the "of December" well represented! I agree with Number Two Son you needed to post it before the month was out!


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