Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trees of December 12

For today I am featuring Trees in the City in the daytime.  The camera and I took a walk this afternoon in Reston Town Center. It was an unseasonably warm day and there were lots of people out and about admiring the trees all gussied up for the holidays.

Here we are in Fountain Court in the heart of Town Center.

It was a day to see and be seen. The driver of this little hot rod was wearing a red shirt with black vest and had obviously carefully dressed for his outing.

I wanted to show you the fountain up close. For most months of the year it is gushing water and looks great. But once they turn the water off to drape it in lights those stylized fish (is that what they are?) look a little weird to me. But I wanted you to see it from this angle.

One of the local service groups is providing horse and carriage rides on Saturdays from 4 thru 9pm during December and this pair were kept busy going round and round the block. At $5 per ride per adult I am sure they are raising a very satisfying amount of money to donate to this year's charity.

The combination of the tree with the city buildings was pleasing to my eye.  I wonder what the opposite view is like from the hotel windows down to the tree?

The really big wreaths dominate the four corners of Fountain Court.

Speaking of the Trees in December - sometimes serendipity works out for the photographer!

A striking pair proceed down the road under the watchful eye of the security personnel.

From this side of the tree we get an echo backdrop with the lineup of trees on the balcony.

Trees in the city. The lights are beginning to come on now and show their touch of magic.

Daylight is fading fast and so must this little jaunt to bring you city trees by daylight.

Watch out for the sequel to this.

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  1. I used to live practically right there - thanks for the tour of my former home town. It strikes me as a bit exotic. You picked a good time to get some interesting photos!


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