Monday, December 28, 2015

Trees of December 28

For this penultimate post about the trees of December I thought I better get back to the main topic; trees. Today I took a walk through sepia it would appear.

I went back to the park and headed out down the trail.

With most of the leaves down now there are different views to be obtained when you look up. See how interesting this sycamore tree looks now we can see into the heart of it.

It was a little colder today (actually it was likely about normal but that was almost 30 degrees F lower than yesterday!) and I had to keep moving to keep warm. What with looking up to see the sights and then down to see what was underfoot it was reassuring every now and then to see I was still on the orange trail.

Memories of being the parent chaperone on school field trips perhaps caused me to notice interesting things like this.

But for this week between Christmas and New Year it wasn't school groups I was encountering but family members hiking together.

Over here, over here, just look at this.

I went over the bridge and up the hill. Now I'm on a different trail and this one is sealed and I am less likely to slip in the muddy surface that the orange trail sometimes presented.

Okay, one more set of interesting specimens for you.

Now who might live in that cozy little hole at the base of the living tree I wonder. For sure lots of organisms are living on the dead tree to the front left.

Some fallen trees can be put to good use while others, h'mm, they just lie around.

I have to marvel at how nature paints her own pictures. The color of that soil on the root ball of the fallen tree pairs so well with the remaining leaves on the trees.

Another unexpected sight when I remember to look up.

If you were reading back in November you might remember me showing you this shed. Curiosity got the better of me this time and I went up close and peered between the slats to see what was stored in there. Not very exciting after all I have to report - there are a few old bird nesting boxes in there and they look like they have been there undisturbed for a few years. Ah well, the colors all look so perfect together; I'll make that my reward. I know I needed to step back to get a better photo but if you look closely in the foreground here you will see a whole lot of brambles with lots more behind me and I did not want to get stuck in those.

And thus concludes my walk on the sepia side. Remember, if you want to see the photos in a larger size just click on them.

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