Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trees of December 22

Today was apparently the first day of winter here - not that you'd know it by looking at the thermometer which even now at 10pm is at 60F/16C. The average normal temperature for this date in this location is a high of 44F/7C

Now altho the temperature was high the day had a glum overcast feel to it which made my photo taking challenging. To lift my spirits I decided to make myself a Charlie Brown tree inspired by Kim Klassen dot com

If you click on the link above (and I have set it up correctly) it will bring you to Kim's blog where she has a Periscope video showing how to make one of these trees. She was inspired by Prairie Girl Aeleen. Thanks ladies, this was a fun piece of creativity for a dull day.

Now altho I always intended this to be a prop for my blog today I was so carried away by enthusiasm in creating the tree that I forgot to consider where I was going to place it for the camera. Yikes, my little Charlie Brown tree ended up being 46" tall making it difficult to find a spot. Outside was windy but there is a modicum of shelter on the front porch so I headed there. I'm going to have to remember to use that snow globe another day when it might show up better!

Ten minutes or so before sun down I was bringing everything inside and wondered if there was still enough light in the upstairs hallway.  The light was getting marginal but I like how the banister looks in this shot so I have included this for you to see too.

After dinner a friend popped in and gifted me this handsome Jingle pillow. I had permission to open it right away and wondered if you might also enjoy seeing it. Thanks my friend, it's lovely!

Trees; yes, well, they are meant to be the topic for the month but some days have been easier than others. In December we like to display all the lovely cards we receive by sticking them on the windows in the family room. That way we get to enjoy them all the more.

No trees here either. Move along folks, nothing more to see in this spot. Finish the tea, eat the cookies and go to bed. And so I think I will.

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  1. I never would have thought of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree as the subject of a series of photos, but here we have it. Is the tree now destined to become part of the landscape? Will we see it in some future photo shoot in the great outdoors? In its current state, the unusual shape of the bucket is a big part of the charm. But no doubt you will find other elements to delight.


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