Sunday, December 20, 2015

Trees of December 20

For today I'm staying here at home to give you a look at our Christmas trees.

On October 3 this year our beloved dog Rolo went to doggie heaven. Number 1 son made the suggestion that this year we make our Christmas tree in memory of Rolo.  He was a very fine dog, a black labrador, who was very well mannered and quiet in the house.

Rolo was born on April 25, 2001 which is Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia and was also our "all black" dog so as well connected to New Zealand as here. It was decided to decorate his tree in red and blue with silver ribbon.

Rolor used to like to stand and look out the dining room window to watch the cars and in earlier years to watch for his boys coming home from school. His nose prints invariably got on the window. I have not yet been able to clean those last nose prints off the glass.

It's a little yellowy with the lights on but daylight was fast fading.

This year we also have a tree outside on the front porch.  It has colored lights on it and a few outdoor themed decorations.

It looks best in the evening when the lights are on but of course that makes it more challenging to photograph.

I'm not sure that this one worked out the way I had hoped but here it is anyways.

With the lights on.

Some weeks back I had read how to try to be more creative in photographing lights. H'mm, guess I need more practice.


  1. You can practice all you like, as long as you share a percentage of your work. I love the Tribute to Rolo tree - I think the ornament I contributed might even be visible? Your photo of the window brings a bittersweet memory and a real smile. And the idea of putting the other tree right on the front porch is original and beautiful - hurrah for Son #2 for persuading this potential new tradition!

  2. Merry Christmas Rolo's people. He would have loved his tree tribute and all the wonderful smells in the house.Well done!


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