Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trees of December 10

Yesterday and today began with a lot of fog. That was a signal that the temperature for the day was going to be quite a lot higher than normal.

Trees with dog in fog.

It seemed the fog was a perfect excuse for the squirrels to play a game of "chase me!"

I know the quality isn't great here but that squirrel was moving way too fast for my camera to focus. Look carefully, it's running on air and adrenaline!

This morning the fog lifted by 9am which was good as my landscape crew were here to do the final cleanup of the garden before winter. I have to make the decisions as to which perennials to leave up for winter interest and which to cut back. These caryopteris (bluebeard) got the nod for winter interest.

The blush pink nandina out front are wearing spectacular color right now. Back against the house I gave the coneflower heads a reprieve in case the birds are not done with them just yet.

There are some very confused plants in my garden just now. The iris are poking their heads up thinking spring is almost here.

Real dog, not in fog!  The puppy next door was outside playing. I watched while a tree was attacked but once I went out for a closer look that puppy was much more interested in what was happening though the fence.

The teak garden benches leave home for the winter. In the first couple of years here I left them outside but I discovered small animals used them to gnaw on through the winter. Now the benches go home with the landscape crew and live in their storage building through the winter. Once spring comes again they come out of hibernation wearing a new coat of protective oil and return to their position in the back garden. I'm feeling a little sad to see them go this year as they have provided a good focal point or prop for many photographs this year.

In the late afternoon I heard the familiar honking of geese and looked up to see them heading...north!? Huh? Much confusion this year among nature.

Some Decembers we have already seen the trees look like this one on the left. But not this year. Temperatures are predicted to be in the 60's F for at least another five days.

The question for the day is whether this was the late Fall landscape cleanup or the early Spring cleanup? Watch this space.

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  1. Love the dog in fog and the real dog, not in fog. And the squirrels. Nice service for the benches. We should do something like that with ours. Norris refinished it after the first winter, but not this last year. Our critters must have better things to gnaw on (so far), because no sign of that on it (yet).


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