Thursday, March 31, 2016

Driving Miss Ava 0330

Spring, with all it's blooms, has me wanting to get out and about and capture all the gorgeousness.

Yesterday Miss Ava and I went over to Vienna and stopped often to linger and admire the scenery. Would you like to see what caught our eye?

The delicate pink wreath was a lovely pop of color against the patina of the oft painted Vienna Presbyterian church.

Turning round I spied a  burst of color from the large planting of tulips in front of the old Freeman Store and Original Library.

The redbud tree, full of bloom, echoed the vertical siding...

while here it echoed the roof peak over the main entrance to the church complex.

Wolftrap Run had a certain charm to it although lots of dangling vines make it a little on the wild side.

But, oh, the sight of this field of buttercups just hollered at me to stop and look. While I was in the midst of trying to find the best angle the Mail Carrier stopped her van and implored me to stay safe "they drive like the crazies down around here". Mindful of my safety I thought I better cut short my shoot.

Arriving back home we discovered the lawn had had the first cut of the season. The cherry trees look like a huge pile of  cotton candy on the front lawn.

Out back the periwinkle groundcover has burst forth with it's blue display.

Every morning when I come downstairs I am enjoying the beautiful perfume of the Easter Lilies.

And I will leave you to start composing the Tale of Peter Rabbit and the Unruly Pink Tulips.

Stop back soon to see what else Miss Ava and I have been up to.

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  1. Don't know who Miss Ava is, but it seems you and she had an inspiring drive! It looks like your pink tulips were spilling little chocolates, is that considered unruly behavior?


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