Friday, March 25, 2016

In the Spring Garden 0325

Spring, there's just so much to love about it! This year the combination of blooms and Easter has been very serendipitous.

Late in the day on Wednesday there was a handful of blooms out on the cherry trees in the front yards of our neighborhood.

Down at the Mill the forsythia was at peak bloom.

And I went shopping to buy some plants to brighten up my day. This spring I decided on a blue pansy focus.

Thursday, the day was magnificent. An errand to the paint shop was my excuse to go over to Vienna and see the flowers along the way. Maybe you recall seeing this church in a moody, foggy winter white photo earlier in the year. Just look at it now! Jet pilots were having fun creating patterns in the sky.

Out front this morning the daffodils and the cherry blossoms have synchronized their bloom time to perfection.

The Easter Bunny is sniffing the early morning air.

I "see" a bunch of ballerinas in their white tutus sitting in a row while number two son "sees" a host of butterflies. What do you imagine these cherry blossoms to be?

In a neighborhood front garden nature has been tossing confetti all over.

The daffodils compete with the cherry blossoms for front of the line status.

The door is open for you Spring...come on in!

Sundown was so pretty this evening.

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  1. Well isn't that a nice Easter present, all those beautiful floral masterpieces of nature seen through your camera! Thank you, ColvinKiwi - such a very thoughtful gift!!!


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