Friday, March 4, 2016

Winter White 0304

So upfront a couple of notices: one, it is not Wednesday and two, some images may make you feel cold. But hey, this is called winter white and winter has made me feel cold all. season. long this year. Without further ado let's launch this episode of Winter White.

To ease you in gradually, this was the scene this morning. Yes, we had another S event over night. But at least this one was a pretty one.

Coming downstairs and looking out I discovered we had some plants freshly sprouted - a few stalks of the popcorn plant in front of the mature rice bush in the rear.

And looking up higher I found the candyfloss tree.

Out the front window was where the winter fairy had been at her busiest laying on a thick layer of fairy dust.

Now last week I had actually taken a few images for the Wednesday Winter White post but did not get round to showing them. So they do not go to waste, much less get forgotten, the next four are from Wednesday February 24. On that day we did not have a snowfall but we did have two very different weather patterns colliding and we had a lot of fog throughout the day. All four of these were taken around the middle of the day.

That big snow from January 22/23? It was still to be seen in places where it had been piled high by the plows. I believe I have some readers who are not at all accustomed to snow and may think it looks pretty all the time.  Er, no. This is what it looks like after it has hung around for too long. But that big truck seen behind the snow pile? It was idling there in case we got snow later in the day - it was outfitted with a snowplow on the front and grit (or whatever magic potion they use this year) on the back to be spread on the road to help prevent ice buildup.

On my way out on that day I had noted a couple of churches with white steeples and thought they might be interesting subjects to try to photograph in the fog. You'd almost think I was giving you a black and white photo but it's not.

Here's the front view of this charming Antioch Christian Church constructed in 1904 by the founding congregation most of whom were from farming families.

When I got home I was entranced with the contrast of the wet brown deck railing with the lineup of drips and the lingering foggy backdrop.

Alright, we are back to today now. I will just call this one "before"...

And close with "after". Only about two hours separates these two. We have had warmer days this week and that means the snow didn't hang around very long before it all melted. Thinking ahead, this reminds me of how the cherry blossoms look when they are on the verge of bursting into full bloom. These shots are actually the budding on the big maple tree on the left backed up by the fresh washed cedar tree.


  1. Our photographer is definitely on her toes, spotting some of these - the sparkling drips on the deck rail being a prime example! But the end is near - will you have a new theme for Spring?

  2. When snow is a novelty all the photos look "cool"


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