Sunday, April 17, 2016

Driving Miss Ava

Miss Ava and I have been on several drives recently down to the river because it is bluebell season.

We had lived here for several years before I ventured down to see this. I was totally amazed at the sheer number of bluebell plants. It is a feast for the eyes of wildflower lovers.

Up close and personal.

Least you think there might only be bluebells kindly allow me to show you what else there is. Now not being a native born Virginian I do encourage you to correct me if I am wrong about the identity of any of the wildflowers. At the base of the tree I believe these are Carolina Spring Beauties.

Dutchmen's Breeches...

Star Chickweed (white) and Little Sweet Betsy from the trillium family.

Yep, that's a bluebell...

but not all bluebells are blue. Pink ones are to be found...

and very pale blue ones as well.

H'mm, these look like wild phlox. Please do correct me if need be.

More of the phlox (?) and the chickweed.

It's not only about the wildflowers. Now and then the birds get in on the show like this Canada Goose who wanted to pose for my camera.

And to close with another shot of the wild phlox.

I give thanks to my friends Pat and Doreen who were kind enough to research some of the flowers here. I surely hope they have also taken several walks along the river to admire the wildflowers this season. Pat, who has lived here for many years more than I have, tells me that there are more wildflowers to be seen now than in previous years. She has heard that they attribute this to a decline in the deer population in the park.

It has been such a pretty spring here on the riverbank despite a couple of below freezing temperatures a week or so ago.

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