Thursday, March 5, 2009

A snowy Monday

On Monday we finally had a real snowfall of about 7". It had started through the night and continued to about midday. Above you can see some of the wooded area in the back yard. That's the top of my garden arch which is "resting" there while the works are ongoing - ordinarily it is at the side of the house but needed to be removed to allow a bobcat through. Behind the arch you can see the result of what has been a more frequent weather pattern this winter and that is lots of wind. Several trees have blown over. On closer inspection they had been dead for a while but now will need taking care of as there are too many of them in a similar state.
I peeked at the window at 7am and could see no tire tracks down the road and the snow was falling quite heavily. So I thought I might as well get back in bed and read since there would be no action for the day. Imagine my gasp when the doorbell went at 8am - it was Pat and Bruce who needed to get in to hang drywall. Pat had to leave his car at the top of the street but Bruce drives this big pickup truck so he was able to negotiate the hill on our street.

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