Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In anticipation of the big day...

Last night I found out that the elevator is going to arrive on site and installation will begin on Friday (March 20). What excitement! There has recently been somewhat of a slowdown on site since we did not know when the elevator would be arriving. So today Chris, the painter, was back on the job, and putting the first coat of paint on the walls around the elevator door area on the ground floor. Here you can see the new (correct) Pella outside door to the left of the door to the elevator shaft.
Now here we are outside where work is also somewhat sporadic. You can see the beginnings of the pergola. We are still waiting on the removal of the pile of clay and fill and the regrading of the grassy swale. I am getting anxious about this since the lawn sprinkler system (which was damaged in the excavation) must be repaired by the end of March to be "on schedule" for season turnon. The sprinkler people won't come on site until the landscaping has been restored. Now, to me, I can't quite see the sense of creating the new ground/lawn levels and restoring the lawn area only to have the sprinkler people come in and dig it up again. But they all fiercely defend their own workmanship and don't want it destroyed by others. sigh.

The end is beginning to be in sight.

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