Friday, March 20, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Sweet little naive me...I was expecting to see the elevator in all it's glory today. At 7:30am a white box truck pulled up outside and I felt really excited. By 8:10am I was on the phone to the builder to report "there has been a truck parked outside since 7:30am..." So Jeff (the contractor) came over and got them out of the truck and started on the job.

What they came to do today was to install the track and frame (pictured above on the lowest level) and put in all the door stops and the wiring for such as the call buttons.
On Monday they will be back to put together the elevator cab. After that it will all have to be inspected by the County before it can be used. We are getting conflicting stories as to what the County Inspector will want to see before he will sign off on the inspection. Today the installers told me that there must be finish flooring on both the floor of the elevator and the floor on all the levels that the elevator stops at. Previously we had been told that existing flooring was fine (there is a cut out of carpet in front of a small portion of the elevator door since that is where there was previously a cabinet) and that there was no rush to install the new flooring. Now this is a small glitch since we had intended all along to replace the carpet in the family room - but after all the construction was done and we had no more dust and debris and workmen boots to contend with.

So, I just need to remind myself that Rome was not built in a day and nor is an elevator.


  1. It is so.... BLUE!!!!

  2. (of course, I know that's the guts you will never see - it's just I'm sure ours are some industrial gray color.)


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