Monday, March 23, 2009

If you don't'll cry

Today was not fun. But I did have a brief interlude during a telephone conversation with a friend when I was reminded to not take things so seriously. Lynne phoned and started off with "Hi Dorry, how are you?" and I responded something along the lines of that I was hiding out downstairs at the computer screen because there was a bobcat running through my garden. Now Lynne is originally from Chicago and has lived in Arizona and Colorado and she responded with "a WHAT???" Right then I realised that she thought I meant the sort with four legs and a tail when I was "merely" talking about a nasty machine that was roaring over my perennial bed smashing down the about to flower daffodils and annihilating who knows how many ferns, columbines, liriope and coral bells (the botanical name for the latter currently escapes me) as well as making deep tracks through the grasssy area where I all but have to beg each individual grass plant to, please, please, grow.
The clay, that was originally meant to be carted off site and dumped, is now here, in my treed area in a high pile. I'm mightlily aggravated because I thought I gave permission for the clay to be wheelbarrowed and dumped behind my leaf pile and then spread around and mixed with the leaves to created compost in a year or so. And as you can see, right at the front of that horrible pile (which , in turn, is at the front of my leaf pile!) is a large chunk of concrete - there is no way that will "compost down".

So I'm trying to calm down and look to find something funny about all Lynn imagining I had bobcats (of the furry kind) running loose in my back yard.

And also on the plus side is that at last that nasty pile of clay has been removed from the grassy area of the backyard and the topography has been "smoothed down and seeded and strawed". Of course, since the sprinkler line was cut way back in December and cannot be fixed until the topography is restored, watering is a moot point. (The sprinkler people are due to come Thursday to dig up the dirt again to reconnect the damaged sprinkler lines...) Today I heard on the radio that this has been the driest winter since 1800 and something so unless there is some water soon and frequent on that grass seed then I'll have to find something new to laugh about...

As a gardener, these are huge problems to me.

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