Friday, January 2, 2009

some slow action

Today, perhaps because I slept late, workmen did arrive on site and do some noisy work. They cut out the existing brick at the ground floor level where the elevator "silo" is going to be located. We need them to work carefully with the old/existing brick since we need to reuse it as this brick is now no longer made. The bricks they took out need to have the mortar knocked off them and then be stacked carefully for reuse. And there they are, stacked under the blue tarp in the sunny shadowy photo. I would have found someplace better for them to be stacked, but they didn't ask for my advice. The unclean bricks are underneath the red cover.The poor grass is crying at the abuse that has already been heaped upon it.

This is my first post without Geoff standing at my elbow. I really did not want to have the photos first, or in the order they appear but, hey, that is what we have. I still have some things to learn obviously.

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  1. Assuming the addition needs more bricks than will have been removed, will they mix these with a new version, or use a new version where they won't be as visible (like after you go around a corner)? In the case of my brother's addition, the new bricks show up right next to and on the same plane as the old ones - on the front of the house, but are discernible only on close inspection of the grout which is cleaner and not as pocked (his addition was done more than 50 years later) - one of the beauties of bricks of multi-colors like yours (and his).


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