Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Here it is...Inauguration Day 2009. The day on which we see the peaceful handover of power from the 43rd President to the 44th President. Casey and I have been (for us) glued to the television for most of the day.

But in between we were conscious of hammering and banging outside in the construction zone.

Today's progress seems to have been the installation of the heavy steel beam which will take the load of the cantilever section but which will also tie the elevator "silo" to the house. I believe they are going to have to install a steel post in the side wall to carry this beam (it was expected that there was a concrete structural wall all around the ground floor but that turns out not to be so).

You can also see the new entrance door to the ground floor which was installed yesterday. Oh my, that is not the door that was specified. Let's wait and see what will be done about rectifying the problem.

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