Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday followup

It has been a very cold week up until today when suddenly, mother nature pulled out a "warm" day and I was able to go out without a coat (well, I did have on a turtle neck and a long sleeve woollen cardigan along with corduroy trousers/pants...). The contractor decided to send additional people along to help the one carpenter who had been working alone all week.
Here we are at midday (above). You can see that the magical moving scaffold has now been erected on the back side and to the full height. Framing work is underway at the second floor level. At this point the workers went to have lunch.

Now this is progress at the end of the day (above). They have worked more on the framing and, hidden from view, have been adding the insulation and more inside the "silo" which we cannot see right now.

Additionally, you can see that they have begun the framing on the cantilever portion which will contain the home entertainment center in the family room on the first floor and my fabric storage closet on the second floor. Tomorrow a workman will come to weld the joint between the big black horizontal beam and a vertical metal post in the side wall of the elevator shaft. (see, I can call it something other than the silo!!)

On Thursday I spoke with the brick mason contractor so we are looking forward to that as well. He tells me that the recycled brick that has been saved is about 35- 40% of the brick we need. That was somewhat lower than I was hoping but it is better than nothing.

Progress is being made.

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