Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Postscript to Inauguration Day

We were "here" but not "there".

For weeks now we have been privy to all the media/security/police warnings about the closures and restrictions planned to impact our area. It seemed to be that the message was unless you are a healthy,tall adult and have somewhere to stay inside the security zone then it is not worth your while to come to be witness to the inauguration. We did not fit either category.

The day dawned with a cold forecast but the potential snow flurries stayed away and even though the temperature may not have cracked the freezing point, the sun did shine. Here in suburbia the traffic was even lighter than on a Sunday. But, oh my, those people who went to the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue had great fortitude.

I have no photos to post of this event. I'm sure you all saw great coverage on TV or the Internet.

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