Monday, January 5, 2009

Introducing the jackhammer

So today Casey and Rolo and I found out all about our abilities to tolerate a jack hammer. Workers arrived on site at 7:30am to discuss the day's target - how to open up the concrete wall at the ground floor where the elevator door will need to be. We know we are not the worst off - consider the poor guy who spent the entire day trying to take out that portion of the wall.
In the meantime, more clay was dug away from behind the foundation for the garden wall so drainage pipes could be laid. Pipe was installed and covered over with gravel and clay. More mess was created and the wire for the "invisible" dog fence was cut so I had to search out the instruction book to find out how to stop the incessant beeping from the control box about that small problem. Rolo meanwhile has no clue about the "fence" being cut but he could not understand why the floor was shaking and making very loud noises all day.

Needing some relief from the jack hammer noise I went out to take down the holiday lights from the neighborhood sign and then onwards to do more errands. On my return I discovered that a dumpster had been offloaded on the front lawn - only problem is that half of it is on the neighbors front lawn. Sigh.

The forecast for tomorrow is for freezing rain, sleet and ice.

Isn't this exciting?

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