Thursday, December 8, 2016

Preserving the Spirit of Christmas on December 8

 Tonight we are singing The Carol of the Bells.
 In which we play the game of trying to remember which of the churches in our village have a bell tower. Hint, not as many as you might think. Finally, on our third stop it was a relief to find that Christ the King Lutheran Church does indeed have a bell tower.
 The next stop with a bell tower was not at a church but at an old schoolhouse. Here the challenge was to find a way to photograph the building that did not involve standing in the middle of the road. But, about to dash back to the other side of the road, this pretty front door with it's touch of Christmas cheer cried out to be noticed.
 And yes, there was a picture of the belltower that seemed reasonable to share.
Nothing to do with bells but a pleasing way to close out tonight's collection.

"Christmas is here,
Bringing good cheer,
To young and old,
Meek and the bold.
Ding dong ding dong
That is their song
With joyful ring
All caroling..."     excerpted from The Carol of the Bells

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  1. I don't know that there are any bell towers in our neighborhood - now I'm going to have to look at some of the local churches!!


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