Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Preserving the Spirit of Christmas on December 6

Tonight let's focus on the Christmas tree.
 Over at the tree lot the trees quietly wait in piles based on their size.
 The tree wrangler cuts loose the cords ready for the Saturday sale day.
 The first customers of the day had been sitting in their car watching the minutes tick over until it was 10am and the lot was open for business. They quickly zeroed in on the perfect tree and then had it cut to specific length.
 The tree was loaded into their vehicle to allow for easy unloading once it arrived home. They were very happy customers who had driven many miles to get the right tree.
The Christmas tree is a substantial player in preserving the spirit of Christmas.

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  1. Your closing statement is not to be argued with, but your closing photo also carries this Spirit of Christmas in a beautiful way!


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