Thursday, December 15, 2016

Preserving the Spirit of Christmas on December 14

 For this post we are inspired by the outdoor Christmas tree and thinking of the birds that need feed and shelter to get through the winter. This jar of safflower seed will be welcomed by the tiny visitors to our yard this winter.
 There are a few birds and birdhouses that sometimes go on the outdoor tree.
 In the landscape cleanup this week certain stands of echinacea seed heads were left up for the birds in case they have missed a few seeds.
 My version of tweeting...
Who put those in my nest?
The poinsettia in the old olive bucket caught the camera eye but first it had to be relocated to a lighter spot to photograph.

And for those who wondered what happened yesterday (the even day) I was busy during the day and it was after 10pm before I got to the computer to start this post. It was about that time that the lights flickered and went out - something to do with the very cold weather front which arrived last night. This morning we are below freezing with a strong breeze albeit the sun is shining. Again I sat down to try to post and the lights flickered once more.sigh. So while I waited I moved the poinsettia around to let it pose for the camera; an activity that did not require the electricity.


  1. Hahaa it's hard at first glance to tell which are real birds ... if any. My fav photo is the 2nd one, tho I do like the "tweeting" one too

  2. Lack of electricity makes for cold nights for some people - I hope there were no dire consequences. On the other hand, it was a happy circumstance for the photographer to get such a pretty photo of the poinsettia - but the bird peering into the "seeded" nest captured my imagination!


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