Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Winter White 0210

Today was a cold, raw day and what with being out and about most all the morning I was not feeling inspired to create lovely shots this afternoon to post here. Instead, I decided to go back into my archives and find something to share with you; I did try to find photos that feature white!

Here we are on January 26, 2015; but I was in New Zealand where it was the height of summer. These lovely lilies were growing in someone's front garden in Onerahi, Northland. At more than 5' high the keen gardener living there had been prudent enough to stake them so they would not get tossed about by the wind.

With my sister and brother-in-law we were on a sentimental road trip in the north of the North Island where my sisters and I spent our childhood. Here we are in Kerikeri in front of Kemp House.Built in 1821 this is now the oldest surviving European building in New Zealand and was integral to the settlement created as part of the second Mission Station established by Anglican Missionaries. The house was occupied by the Kemp family beginning in 1832 with James Kemp, a lay missionary and his family until 1974 when his descendants presented it to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

I liked this discreet sign by the front door.

This is St James Church, completed  in December 1878, just across the road from the Kemp House. When the mission station was active the first church was built on this site but after the mission closed this "new" church was built to replace the original. I liked how it looked on the blisteringly hot day we visited, peeking out from the native bush.

It's the time of mid-winter here when I long for the white sand and gentle white surf of Matapouri Bay in Northland.

My first stop on the trip was in Palmerston North. In the center of town is The Square with pretty gardens and this large sized chess board complete with wandering ducks from the adjacent pond.

Winging right back to February 6, 2016 and winter in VA I went on an afternoon trip to Middleburg. Driving out there always refreshes my soul as the countryside is very picturesque and the town itself has somewhat of an English feel to it. As I was leaving and driving down the main road I caught a glimpse of this church on a back street. Thinking it looked pink, and I was actively seeking pink things to photograph for this blog, I turned back to check it out. Alas, Shiloh Baptist Church is not pink but it does have it's own charm.

Back on the road home I pulled off for a quick look, from the other side of the road, at the Mercer Home in Aldie. The late afternoon sun was creating strong shadows from the surrounding trees.

This unpretentious but solid looking church had taken my eye on the way out so I decided to stop for a photo on the way back. It is the church of Our Saviour, Oatlands and is known for it's traditional Anglican Prayer Book Service. Dating to 1876 it is one of the oldest churches in Loudoun County, VA

And to close out today's post I did spend some time this afternoon trying to do a white set-up. I decided I needed a "Fairy" to whisk me away from this dull, cold day.

Come back on Sunday to find out what color I will be celebrating then. I'm pretty sure I won't be having to dig back in my archives...

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  1. Thank you for letting us tag along on your nostalgic tour of north North Island - and I appreciate the ducks showing up in their photo as they gave scale to the chess pieces. I wonder if anyone ever plays chess with them? And seeing Middleburg is always a treat!


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