Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Natural events

We have had an unusual afternoon and I needed to abandon my plan for an outing. Instead I was sitting out on the deck having a much needed restorative cup of tea and watching the birds in my garden. It finally occurred to me to go and get my camera and see if I could, at last, get a photo to post to show the hummingbirds coming to my feeder. Here you might have to click (I think it is a left click which will enlarge the photo for you) on the photo to find the bird just to the left of the feeder.

Look carefully and in this shot the bird is about to dip it's beak and get the reward. I did confirm my earlier sightings and I have three hummingbirds regularly visiting my feeder. One seems to come alone. But there are two who are very territorial who spend more time chasing each other away than they do actually getting the sugar water.

Before the hummingbirds I had been watching this yellow finch having a wonderful time on the coneflower. If you look carefully at this photo there are two finches. The upper one was easily feeding there for more than five minutes. However, the flower was some distance from where I was sitting on the deck so it was not easy for my little camera to get a good photo to show you.

And what caused me to have to abandon my plan for the afternoon? Well, the earth shook. Despite my disbelief it really was an earthquake and they are saying about 5.9 so I absolutely did feel it. I thought sitting outside for a while might be safer than staying indoors. But now here I am sitting inside again to bring you the latest news of nature from my garden.


  1. I wondered if you felt it, after hearing my former colleagues were sent home from work. Although people in NC also reported feeling the tremor, neither of us did - we were both in Asheville. I may have been in my car when it hit, in which case, it would have had to have been a mighty quake to make an impact. Since you were outside, did you hear your dishes rattle?

  2. No, I was inside and terrified. The dishes did not rattle that I heard. The entire house shook in an extremely scary way. I continued to shake for at least ten more minutes. It was indeed a mighty quake. There is no real building damage that I have been able to find.

  3. I am glad you managed to stop shaking (like the earth) and relax with a cup of tea. It is a triumph that you managed to capture the hummingbird on film. Delightful!


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