Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing the newest critter

Here we can see the most recent critter to be graced with a name in my garden - meet TT (that would be short for Tomato Taker). Over the past couple of days I had been noticing a small pile of what looked to be tomato skins left on the deck railing. And in the early evening today I happened to look out at just the right time to see TT. So I made a mad dash for the camera and then took a chance and took the photo through the glass door so as not to disturb the little rascal at dinner.

Here is TT praying after a good meal that another will be available next time.

And here we see the remains. Not only is there tomato skins but also, well, you can see the damp patch.

What to do? You can see the next meal hanging right there for the taking in the above photo. And tomorrow the forecast is for strong thunderstorms with gusty winds. So the chances of the plant surviving are, well, reasonable if you remember my precautions. But for the chipmunk surviving? No, I would not do anything to harm the little critter. But I might just clear away all the remains and spray some nasty smelling liquid in the area.

You might recall reading about the rhubarb rascal. Let me tell you, that critter is still around and still eating.


  1. Well at least this new addition to the family is helping you keep on top of the tomato harvest!

    ....and I note you must be tolerant of him or TT would stand for Tomato Thief!

  2. At least your TT actually EATS the tomatoes. When we are visited by little TTs, they are Tomato Tasters - they just take one bite from the produce and toss the rest to the side.


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