Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another day, another view

I seem to think that I had intended to also show you these two volunteer tomato plants. Last year I had a couple of plants show up in this planter bed and to my surprise they did produce some edible fruit although it was pretty late in the season.

By this spring I had to add a few inches of soil to the planter before again putting in the annuals (that would be flower plants) and I likely added some compost out of my bin along with the soil. The rabbit discovered the annuals and has, by now, totally destroyed the pinks that I had at each end. But that is the minor part of the story because in the meantime there appeared two really strong tomato plants. When my sister was here in July she was kind enough to go out there with a few strong stakes and some of my supply of fabric selvedges and tie up the plants.

And now I am picking quite a few tomatoes from the plants. I have no idea what they are but there are up to ten fruit on one truss. The fruit size is not large but they are absolutely bigger than a cherry tomato which is what I have in pots on the deck. So that is a fun little aspect of the garden this season.

This however is a not-so-fun event in my garden year. On late Thursday afternoon we had a series of violent thunderstorms pass through and at one point we had large hail (think at least 1/2" but perhaps 3/4" diameter) and it lasted for ten minutes or so. At one stage the deck was quite covered in the hailstones.

I wanted to open the door to take a photo but the dog was afraid of the storm and was glued to my side so I could not open the door when he was right there. These two photos were about 15 minutes after the hail stopped. And as well as the hail that you can see I had tomatoes all over the deck; ripe, green fullsized and tiny green and yellow blossoms too. So I'm not sure how much more fruit I am going to be able to pick from these plants.

But on the bright side, no pot was toppled by the storm thanks to my efforts, as detailed in the previous post, to secure my pots in the upright position.

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  1. Oh dear that last photo does show an astonishing array of cherry tomatoes in various stages of ripeness. This seems like a story of Mother Nature Gives, Mother Nature Takes Away....


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