Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's all in the Timing

The current buzz where we live is all about the new people on the Hill in Washington.

In thinking about that Casey wanted me to share with you our annual trip to the Hill to see both the National Christmas Tree and the Capitol Christmas Tree.

Off we went on Saturday January 1. First stop was to park at Union Station and check out the decorations in the station. Norway always provides a lit tree within the station in remembrance of the assistance given by the USA to Norway in WWII; and there is always a train layout complete with trolls waiting by the bridge. We then take a fast walk from the station down to the the area in front of the Capitol where we can admire the Capitol Christmas Tree. This year the tree was supplied and decorated by the state of Wyoming.

We were there just as dusk was beginning to arrive. Walking back to the station I wondered if my simple camera might be able to capture the moment

and it could. I liked this view (above). Then as we got closer I took another shot

and wondered if Union Station had paid their electricity bill in full for the month of December!

We retrieved the car and set off down Constitution all the while hoping we would be able to find someplace to park so we could go see the National Tree. Yay, we lucked out and got a prime position and after feeding the meter (but now it was dark we were not really able to see how long we had purchased the right to park!) we hustled across 17th Street at a fast clip making for the tree. The usual crowds were mingling around and it is always reassuring to be among the people from all walks of life who bring their children to see this statement of the season. I was very surprised to see a sign saying that Saturday, January 1st would be the last night the tree would be lit. And then a soft rain began to fall so we hurried back to the car.

I could not resist one more photo however

The DAR building had a very simple but very effective light show on their building. And my little camera was again able to record the view.

And thus ended our tour of the Christmas lights for this season.


  1. Your camera did perform splendidly! Don't you wonder how that tree got from the State of Wyoming to Washington, DC? We have a hard time getting ours from the grocery store parking lot to our house, and it's probably 1/20th that size. Or does Wyoming buy a tree in say, Western Maryland?

  2. Oh, this tree did come all the way from Wyoming. I guess they put a little more effort into planning the trip. You can read more about it by clicking here


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