Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is that the end of the tunnel I glimpse?

Something slightly weird is going on here and I see nonsensical words instead of the photos that I thought I had posted. But let's give it a shot and see what happens.

This week has been somewhat...shall we say, challenging. We are almost to the end of the project and I am almost to the stage of heading to the airport and fleeing the country. Don't get the wrong idea - the latter is my long planned trip to the New Zealand Quilt Symposium. The final inspection for the elevator (and only after that can we make the maiden trip in it) is scheduled for Monday at 2:30pm. My departure for the airport is scheduled for 2:45pm. So Larry and Casey will be left in charge!And they will get to make that maiden voyage without me.

Here you see the new cabinet in the family room which is adjacent to the elevator door. All it needs is some knobs...oh, and that big screen television it was designed to hide.

Now here is the new patio. The brick layers have been busy all week long laying the pavers. But rain has also been predicted all week long and so they have kept their work covered up. All will be revealed to those who sit and wait!
And finally, a little touch of spring. Right on cue with the cherry trees in the tidal basin in Washington DC, our two front lawn cherry trees burst into bloom this week. To show them off to their full advantage they need a good blue sky but with all the dull weather we have had this week I have given up waiting.

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  1. We can't control the weather Dorry but YOU have managed this project with amazing grace and ability!! Casey and Larry helped as well.....
    Your flowers will manage...maybe not today, but someday soon.
    It is easier to plant more flowers and bulbs than build an elevator! You really impress me!!


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