Sunday, April 26, 2009

Survey question

I wanted to block of the ugly view of the air conditioning units from the pretty new patio and from the rear yard. So while I was away Pat has built this lattice screen. I think it should be finished off with a coat of opaque stain (as the pergola was) but I am unsure about the color.
So I invite your input. Should the screen be colored to match the pergola (which was colored to match all the woodwork) or should it be colored a reddish color to blend into the brick back ground. Or perhaps you think it should be left as bare wood to weather? I'll look forward to your comments.

And after a little while I'm hoping those ugly scars where the bob cat drove over the back yard will have grown over and disappeared.

In another few weeks I will begin in earnest the hunt for a water feature to place on the patio opposite where the steps come down. And I will work on redoing the garden beds around where the new construction work has destroyed what was there previously. Earlier this afternoon I did discover that one of the clematis plants that used to grow over the black iron archway (that was taken down in November) has endured and is growing up through the matting that was put down to cover the grass seed. So tomorrow I will be out there with a pair of scissors to cut away the mat and let that clematis go and grow! There is no sign of what I always thought was the stronger clematis plant on the other side.

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