Sunday, April 26, 2009

And finally

Spring did continue, unfazed by all the upheavals in the back yard. Above you can see the pretty white native dogwood tree. In previous years it has been overshadowed by a native wild cherry but I had that taken down last year. So now it has room to breath and be admired.
And here is one of the pink dogwoods that were planted way back in 2001 (I had asked for white but this is what grew!) Not that you can see in this photo but there is a second pink dogwood along with another native white one behind this tree. When I looked out the window to take the photo a bright red cardinal was posing nicely on the birdbath but in the time it took for me to grab the camera he flew away.

Please note the rhubarb plant just to the left side of the bird bath. When I left for New Zealand on April 6 it was barely poking it's head above the ground. Now on April 26 it is already sending up many seed/flower heads. I'll have to try to remember tomorrow to go out and pick some stalks to see if it is worth trying to keep this plant growing in the garden!

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