Sunday, June 30, 2019

Scene in my June Garden

The big news in my June garden has been the appearance of twin(?) fawns. They are delightful to watch and wow, can they run fast. This makes them quite difficult to photograph as you might imagine. But this morning I happened to notice the twins out back - they have not yet figured out that I like them to pose for my camera and invariably are standing 20' apart and facing in opposite directions. Above we see one twin on the front lawn this morning - and once you get all the way to the end of this post you'll get to see mama deer and twin #2.
 Now as delightful as it  might be to see the deer family guess what else they do. They eat things in my garden. This week we had a big thunderstorm predicted for Thursday night so I went outside to be sure all my tomato plants were tied up and secured for the expected storm. But what I found instead sent me scurrying back inside for some tea and cake.
 I have seven tomato plants growing well but every single one had been pruned. This one above had the worst damage - the entire main stem taken out. It was an heirloom plant by the name of German Johnson which I had not tried before. Maybe I'm not going to try it this year either. sigh.
 While I am in no way an expert on clouds I do like looking up at them. This was an interesting (to me) view of the clouds the night a severe thunderstorm was predicted (Thursday) but did not end up hitting us. See the seahorse on the lower right?
 This sweet 100 tomato plant has got some fruit beginning to develop. This is a variety of cherry tomato that I have been planting now for, oh maybe the last ten years and I really like them.
 The hosta along the side of the deck and breakfast room is at peak. Shortly bugs will start to eat holes and the deer will start to eat the flowers if I am not scrupulous about spraying the "liquid fence" deer repellent.
 The main feature in my June garden are the coneflowers. This year the "purple" ones are absolutely dominant although in other years the white ones win out.
 On Friday, the night after the storm that missed us, it was our turn to get a drenching downpour right at rush hour traffic time between 5pm and 6pm. The unpredicted storm stalled right overhead but by sundown time (about 8.35pm) we had this interesting sky.
 Ten days or so ago the garden received it's annual session of edge trimming and mulch. There is always some collateral damage to plants and this year a number of coneflower stems got knocked askew. Wanting to savor them for just a few more days I cut the blooms and carried them inside to enjoy. It was fun to spend some time with my camera recording them.
 In the back garden there are four bird houses. Although there is always interest in them each year it is very seldom that birds stay long enough to lay eggs and raise chicks. This year this house did seem to have success.
 Salvia at sundown on the solstice. In my front gardens this year I have settled on a pink, blue and white theme. One of the beds is featuring blue this season and on June 21st, the solstice that marks the beginning of summer, I wandered around during the sunset hour just to enjoy the garden.
 The wildflower yarrow that I encourage in the garden has been making quite the backdrop for many flowers and photos this season.
 A visit from a hawk earlier in June.
Congratulations, you reached the end of this long post. Here's a view of momma deer encouraging twin #2 to cross the road and see what is on the other side. Don't worry, twin #1 from the opening photo ran after them right away. But they'll be back to the salad bar tomorrow.

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  1. That parade of clouds in your sunset photo is almost as good as the fawns. We had two bear cubs and their momma in our back yard this week - they stay farther from the house, don't stand still, and don't stay together, just like your residents.


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