Sunday, July 7, 2019

A July 4th Hometown Celebration

As the July 4th extended weekend comes to a close I thought I'd share some images from our hometown celebration. While there are a number of events we tend to focus on the main street parade and a quick wander through the family activities after the parade.

 The Brownie troop started the parade this year.
 They were followed by the old Post Office truck with special guest Spiderman riding along.
 The Great Falls Garden Club ladies had a wonderful entry this year and won the award for "Best Neighbor Float".
The garden club ladies.

 It's always fun to see the old vehicles that seem to lurk in various garages only to come out on special occasions like this.
 Trying to watch and photograph a parade is challenging and enjoyable. You see lots of wonderful sights but invariably there is someone in the way. However, sometimes even that works out and makes for a more unique shot.
 Do you have lawn mowers in your July 4th parade?
What we do have is lots and lots of candy. I think the children go home with more candy from the July 4th parade than they do at Halloween. This friendly fellow had just tossed two big handfuls of candy out.

 The crew from the Great Falls Creamery were likely very grateful they did not need to wear the cowheads this year - the day was a very steamy 90+ degrees with high humidity. Half an hour or so after the parade finished it started to rain. The Great Falls Creamery won the award for "Best Mini Float".
Out of cow costume but still in business attire, these two collected the trophy on behalf of the team.
 Dad on the bike with the children. I think he was challenged trying to ride a straight line at a low speed.
 The day is organized by the very hard working volunteers from Celebrate Great Falls and their float came near to the end of the parade. They deserve special thanks for this wonderful effort.
 After the parade there are activities for the children. For those of us with no children it is still fun to watch the little ones step up and have a try.
At the end of the day these parade goers were ready for a good long nap. It was time to go home and put away all the decorations until next year. I hope you enjoyed the parade!

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  1. I was thinking about you when I was at the Beech Parade, wondering if you were going to the parade in your town. Your parade is bigger but we too have lawn mowers most years! I'm not sure the Creamery walkers would have said "Cow" to me in their costumes without their cow heads - luckily they had the banner or I would have thought they were Dalmatians!


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