Friday, June 7, 2019

Upperville Horse Show

Today I was very excited to accept the invitation of a friend to go to the Upperville Colt and Horse Show - said to be the oldest horse show still operating in the USA since beginning in 1853. Neither of us know anything much about competitive horse jumping but we wanted to improve our photography skills. It was a great day to go as the weather was not blisteringly hot and humid and the crowds in the late morning/early afternoon were light. We had a great day out.
 Here we can get the full introduction painted on one of the jumps in the main jumper ring.
 But we started off watching the action in the main hunter ring. It took this photographer a little while to get up to speed in getting the shot - first I lost the horse's head, next to go were the feet followed by the tail but finally I achieved success with all body parts visible!
 The happy grin of success after a good round.
 The show is in a spectacular location here in Virginia in the heart of "horse country" with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a back drop.
 Over and down, a successful jump in the jumper ring.
 I caught sight of this horse and loved the "hairdo". Despite hanging around for a while I could not seem to get a clear shot without that man on the golf cart in the background. But I really liked the look of this horse.

 Waiting to enter the main ring. Notice the small dog in the lower left corner. It was clearly a "dog friendly" event as we saw many well-behaved quiet dogs.

Up and over - another successful jump.

 A treat from the rider to her horse.
 We went back over to the hunter rings hoping to see some of the younger riders. Here was one heading off to compete.
 It's shower time - a refreshing reward after the big event.
 Hanging out in the temporary quarters - looks like it has been a successful event for this horse.
 Another of those shots where the photographer muses that it would have been so much better without the cars there and if the white horse could have backed up somewhat and...oh well, just take the shot!
We concluded our lovely day out with a late lunch at the Hunters Head further down the road on the other side of Upperville. I give thanks to my friend for extending the invitation and hope you, the viewer, enjoyed sharing our trip to the Upperville Horse show.

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  1. Seems like you got some very nice shots of the action - what do I know? I was a dressage rider, no jumps for me! Meanwhile you got some of the "side action" and those are all part of the fun of a horse show. And who knew any horse show had been going on for over 150 years?


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