Sunday, November 11, 2018

Armistice Day Centenary

Today, depending on where you live, is Veterans Day (USA) and also Remembrance Day and Armistice Day. A day to remember all the veterans who have served their country and honor them. However, this being the centenary of when arms were laid down at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to end the Great War (of 1914 - 1918) that is what is uppermost in my mind today.
 Let's begin with the very poignant poem by John McCrae which always gives pause for remembrance.
 To honor the memory and service of my grandfather who served in the 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment with New Zealand's Expeditionary Forces for the four years of the Great War and was part of the Gallipoli long ,bloody, drawn out battle I made this quilt in 2015. You can read the story about it here
 The quilt was displayed, along with maybe twenty others, at a special exhibit at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City in June of 2015.
 This is a magnificent museum and well worth a visit if you are anywhere nearby. The interior of the museum is mostly underground but the Tower is easily visible from many points of the the surrounding city in it's location atop a hill.
 Here in Washington DC World War I has only a modest memorial in Pershing Park. However, I believe there are plans to significantly upgrade this in the near future.
 Veterans Day gives me the chance to honor the service of my father-in-law who served in the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army  (cap on the left) as well as the service of my father in the 36th Battalion Otago Regiment in the New Zealand Army. Both saw service in World War II.
 In these current unsettled times we need to remember all those who have given their all and guard against actions which might once more lead us into war.
Taken at the going down of the sun yesterday, from my upstairs window.

Lest we forget.

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  1. A fitting tribute Dorry, the WW1 white crosses are set up on the park just across the road from my Office. Cambridge does a really great job of commemorating Armistice day, this year had tanks rumbling down the street as well as a visual light display at the Town hall each night. I will send you a photo of my brilliant red poppies that are flowering profusely in my garden right now - appropriately !


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