Thursday, November 15, 2018

Weather - a safe topic?

In polite society when conversation is getting unruly it is considered a good tactic to start discussing the weather. But when we get snow in mid November I'm not sure that is entirely true. Doubtless the children were delighted to get the day off school today but for many others it was a case of having to abandon plans for the day.

 When we woke up the snow was falling on the side yard...
 on the front yard
 and on the back deck.
 On November 2nd, after a long wait for the autumn colors to arrive, this was the view in our back woods.
 Then this was the view today. Notice how much green is still with us. The red leaves on the dogwood are hanging on but the orange on the small maple has about given up and shed it's fall colors.
 A closer view of the dogwood with a green backdrop.
 On November 5 I had my first sighting of the red shouldered hawk that visits us around this time of year. I had to take the photo through the window as I thought the noise of raising the window sash would surely scare the bird away.
 Today's back yard visitor was this one. I'm thinking it is a dove? But, with the temperature staying around freezing most all day long the bird had puffed out it's feathers to give insulation.
 Do you see what I see? We have had a pair of deer (both does) visiting almost daily for the last couple of weeks. They can often be seen nibbling the grass on my neighbors side yard but when I spotted them this afternoon they were actively eating the green leaves still on these bushes in my backyard. That was clearly a much more satisfying meal than the poor forlorn brown leaves of the hydrangeas.
One last view of what should still be in fine form - the autumn show on the chrysanthemums. But I thought this one had a quiet beauty today contrasting against the white surrounds.

Indeed it was quite the day for nature here. I also had my first sighting of the fox wearing it's winter coat. It hurried through the yard not long after I had been watching the deer. The deer will stand and watch me but the fox it just scurries fast as though it has a train to catch. For sure a sign that the seasons are changing as I had not seen the fox since springtime.

Weather - it always has something worth talking about.


  1. Your hawk photo is very crisp - you must have very clean windows and one without a screen. The mum is a pretty color - temporarily. We had a light dusting of snow overnight, and there's hoar frost on the mountain across the valley from us, but have otherwise had a mild fall - they thought our color would be over by mid-October, but it had barely gotten started when we had family visitors. They weren't disappointed though - the area is still beautiful.

  2. Too early for snow!!! Could mean we are in for a long winter. After a rainy summer it might be reason enough to try hibernation. .....


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